1-800-GOT JUNK

When we moved, we donated about half our stuff to charity or directly to folks who had a need of which we knew. Just about everything we had had to pass a cost-to-store vs cost-to-replace test. A few pieces, the charities wouldn’t touch [can  you believe they’d turn down a stationary bike, treadmill, and modern grandfather clock?].  For these, we reluctantly called 1-800 GOT JUNK.

  • The phone staff was top-notch.
  • The pick up team called before arriving (on schedule).
  • They showed up on time.
  • They wore boot protectors.
  • They offered to move items they were not collecting!
  • They were careful of the property and very friendly. They seemed happy with their work.
  • They told us they would try to donate the items through their channels and would notify us if they were successful.
  • Two weeks after they left, we got a letter that they had successfully made a donation in our name!
  • …and the price was right.

2 responses to “1-800-GOT JUNK

  1. I’ll have to remember that the next time before putting anything out in the trash can that might still have some use. The other thing I seem to be learning is that bad weather sure seems to follow you guys around. I obviously don’t spend much time on the water, but it constantly amazes me how bad the weather seems to be wherever you go. I’ll have to make sure you’re not headed to the Bahamas the next time we plan to take a cruise 🙂

    • Doug,
      It’s not so much that bad weather follows us, it’s that we have a lifestyle where the weather is a bigger part of life than for most folks. Except for the really bad stuff, living a land life we pretty much ignored the weather in making our daily decisions. Living a water life, it means more and thus gets discussed more. I suppose one could say that rather than just a strategic issue, weather has become a tactical one as well.

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