Charleston Farewell

With speakers blaring, these folks saw us off the dock as we headed farther West.

We anchored in Church Creek three hours later (positioning to arrive at the Ashepoo-Coosaw Cut at high tide the next day). We had it to ourselves. We commented to each other it was because we were so much later…and then we checked the log. We were two days later than 2009. Travel on the Waterway has simply changed.

We have been overtaken and passed by four powerboats this trip since leaving Elizabeth City — 491 miles. (In 2009, the number was closer to ten times that. It may be the economy — fuel costs twice what it did then. It may be the weather — or at least the cold snap in late October. It may be something else. It may be a combination of all. In any case, it has been noticeable, and it’s hurt the businesses that support water travelers.

We are tied alongside in Beaufort girding our minds for the dismal condition of the waterway in Georgia. We have a week ahead of timing arrivals at the worst sections (thin water) when the tide is 1/2 and rising.

At least we won’t have to deal with overtaking boats in the process.


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