A Cruising Christmas Day

Boat-Tailed Grackle -- A machine for turning palm fruits into boat stains

Slept in. ♥ Scratch made potato pancakes for brunch…a tradition upheld ♥ Opened presents — surprised each other! Others were too generous! ♥ Cleaned bird droppings off deck and cabin — took three cleaners, bleach and elbow grease to remove stains ♥ Did more Laundry ♥ Cursed Grackles ♥ Topped off water tanks ♥ Cursed Grackles.2 ♥ Shook out rugs ♥ Vacuumed and dusted ♥ Discovered collected water from condensation — and associated mold ♥ Dried and cleaned, dried and cleaned, dried and cleaned ♥ (Re)Met fellow Caliber cruisers from “Symphony” — chatted through a biting gnat attack ♥ Called families ♥ Dined on traditional Christmas dinner sans left overs and with our favorite celebration wine ♥ Football

Just another day on the way to Paradise, but a meaningful Christmas nonetheless…

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