Georgia Sleigh Ride

Pictures Never Portray Current Well

Today was a good day.

We left Brunswick in time to go through the Jekyll Canal an hour before high tide. Following the range above the bridge we went through 13 foot water — 4 feet at low tide!

Crossing over to the Cumberland River we rode through the washing machine of wind and swell against tide in lower Jekyll Sound (the Atlantic).

Our reward was a favorable tidal current we were able to ride all the way to Fernandina. At times we a three mph boost especially along the channel fronting the nuclear sub base.

Of course, we lost the favorable current the moment we crossed from Georgia to Florida (It’s not political, it’s the way the rivers run through there).

We decided on a mooring ball rather than anchoring. Ten minutes into the process we weren’t so sure. The boat aligned with the current but blew down on the mooring ball in the 20 kt breeze from the NNE. We got it sorted out, but others weren’t so lucky.

We did something new today. We traveled in company with another Caliber, “Symphony.” We re-met Chuck Gleason and Maryanne Driscoll when they tied up in Brunswick. I suspect we will see  more of each other as the southward trek progresses.

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