Figures of Eight (rather than pieces thereof)

That Wandering Green Arrow is the Wild Card

Since picking up the mooring here in Fernandina we have incised figures of eight on the water.

When wind and current coincide, the mooring pendant stretches taught from the bow, and all is well.

When they are in opposition, the water aligns the boat because of the keel and rudder. The wind then pushes the aligned boat downwind.

Usually, this means smack into the mooring float…which sometimes drags under the hull, or worse, bangs against it.

We lucked out last night. Twice the ebb and flood Do-Si-Doed with the mooring float slightly up wind and away from the hull. On the third change in current, at o-dark thirty…bang, bang…bangbangbang…bang, thud. (That Green Arrow…)

Into sweats (not a sweat), I went topsides and turned the wheel to put the rudder into a position to turn the boat away from the float…quiet ensued.

Back below as I went to climb back in the sack, Janet said, “I’m awake now we might as well get up.” It was her side of the hull the mooring ball was banging.

The Fernandina moorings are located where the Bells River and Amelia River meet. The currents here swirl and rather than the moored boats swinging in unison to the change of tides, they tend to break formation like freshman released from Chemistry 101 on Friday. Then, once the full ebb sets in they resume the formation.

It’s all part of a water life.

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