Bare Mud, Black Beans, and Buffet

The Bridge of Lions Restored

The tide was completely out when we left Beach Marine. This coincides with slack water at the adjacent high-rise bridge which can have boisterous currents. As we prepared to leave, the depth sounder was reporting we were aground. We weren’t — a good thing.

We still made our way to the marina’s turning basin since bare mud was less than a boat length from the dock to which we were tied. Out in Pablo Creek we found a tad of flood tide remaining which pushed us on through seasmoke toward the Palm Cut and the Tolomato River where the current reversed.

We made St Augustine in time to make the 1230 opening of the Bridge of Lions. We were somewhat amazed when northbound traffic called us to let us know they would hang back since we were down current.  Very professional. A contrast to the law enforcement boat that blasted through the bridge-waiting boats twice at about 30 kts.

Symphony headed for the city moorings as we continued to the San Sebastian River.

After a variety of chores and errands and a nice visit with a friend, we went to Hurricane Patty’s for an early dinner (no, not a seniors early bird).

  • The Barefoot chardonnay was already good and made better by half price
  • The calamari was good, but the batter could have been spiced a bit more and the rings could have been a bit thinner.
  • Janet’s catfish was excellent as was the accompanying caesar salad.
  • My grouper with Key West dry rub, was a tiny tad dry [my bad for choosing dry rub — next time mango-orange sauce] and the collard greens and black beans and rice were finger licking good, but I used a fork anyway.
  • The hush puppies hushed this puppy.
  • The guitarist doing Buffet, Taylor, America, Eagles, Alan Jackson, etc. was good on the guitar and enough of a vocal chameleon to pull it off.
  • Patty’s gets another “A”

Did I mention we both thought the waitress was trés cute and very good at her job?

And the bare mud out the window reminded us were we were — south of the Tropic of Attitude.

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