Marker 97 (updated with photo)

Chief Moore

There’s all kinds of navigation. Janet’s Dad has navigated 97 years as of today. We complain about shallow spots and timing the tides. He sailed from Pearl Harbor for Australia on the battleship Texas on Dec 4th 1941. He was 27. Throughout the War in the Pacific he served on ships the Japanese tried hard to sink. He finished his career afloat on the carrier Midway. In the years to follow he and his beloved wife raised three wonderful daughters. I have the great pleasure of having been married to one of them for 40 years.

Today, we sang him happy birthday. The recent years haven’t been kind to him, but the people who care for and support him have been — hugely so. I don’t know a man quite so loved. My life would not be what it is without him and his daughter. He’s a right good shipmate, and I wish him fair sailing toward that next marker.

4 responses to “Marker 97 (updated with photo)

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  2. Nancy VanderLinden

    absolutely loved this!! thanks so much for this meaningful tribute to our wonderful father!! : ) Nancy

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