St Brendan’s Isle Mail Forwarding Service

I knew before we even signed up I would end up kudoing St Brendan’s Isle. They are very much more than a “mail” forwarding service. They have allowed us to disconnect from our land life with ease. They have allowed us to leave junk mail far, far behind. They have assisted us with our move to Florida Resident status. They have inspired our confidence in them, their process, and their commitment to customer service.

Simply put, they receive our mail. They cull the crud. They scan the rest of the envelopes and packages. They provide an excellent software interface that allows us to request that they hold, or scan contents or shred or redirect or send our mail. The scanned  contents show up online the following day as pdf files. Should we want the physical items delivered (such as prescription drugs, charts, nav chips, etc) they forward those just as systematically.

Did I mention they are also classy people? When you visit them, they treat you like family (in the best sense of the phrase).

The pricing is flexible, and in our view, one of the highest value and most affordable services we subscribe to.

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