Marineland.3 — Men o’ War

The beach here is much like Daytona must have been before cars were allowed on the beach. The difference between the high and low tides opens a wide pathway of barely undulating sand — delineated by a high tide line of Portuguese Men o’ War separated by five to ten feet.

They ranged in size from thumbnail (above) to about a Twinkie (left) [not an ISO standard measurement, but most folks will get an instant calibration]. A colonial combination of differentiated cells, these things have a sting like being whipped with a red-hot wire (been there, done that — Port Isabel, Texas and Molokini). Had we any inclination to wade in the 60°F water, these put an end to that.

Still, it was a beautiful thing to walk on a nearly deserted expanse of sand with no sounds but surf. Even the Royal Terns and gulls were quiet (until the little girl with the loaf of bread showed up). The air was heavily fogged by salt spray pounded from the mostly plunging surf. After this relaxing walk, we rested…

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