Plan “B”

The last few years of our lives have included quite a bit of rush. And maybe “most of” those years is more accurate than a “few.”

We left late because of renting the house. We spent three weeks enjoying the company of friends and family in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, Our Texas. We got weathered in a few places as well. Those sands are now on the wrong side of the hourglass.

So, we’ve decided we can rush through the Keys and enjoy the Bahamas, or we can do the opposite, or….

We can go to Plan “B” which is to skip the Keys this year and focus on leisurely wandering south to Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale to wait for weather like we are having now (three days of clear, cool southerlies) to cross the Gulf Stream heading for West End, Grand Bahama.

It wasn’t that hard a choice. The Keys are not a walk in the park. In some respects they are just as challenging as the Bahamas. But we’ve been there, we’ve seen that, and Salvation Army got our t-shirts.

We are both happy with this decision because it allows us to focus on doing one thing right. So now we begin the planing that goes with extra challenges the Bahamas offer — extra supplies, loading waypoints, a few things we discovered we brought too few of. As we linger here in the bright sun a few miles north of Vero hiding behind an un-named island with charted depths that indicate it is unacceptable for boats such as ours (not) listening to classical guitar in the Spanish style, Plan “B” becomes Plan “A.”

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