What Fills Your Day?

That’s the question a Canadian bystander on the dock asked me yesterday. He and his wife were interested in this lifestyle but were concerned that boredom, or worse, alcohol fueled apathy were risks. They had been exposed to a bit of these behaviors during their visit.

We haven’t found time to be bored, we’ve seen the apathetic and the alcohol fueled along the way, but that just isn’t us.

Right now we are watching live, Portuguese language, coverage of Carnival in Brazil (complete with instant replay, color commentary and inane remarks) while being bounced around by 30kt gusts ahead of a cold front. Earlier today we spent four hours buying two and a half months of non-perishable stores–three grocery carts. (Tomorrow, we do the perishables.) This was after Janet and I went over every single entry on the two-column, four-page list she had assembled. And that was after my listening to the charter sport fishing captain next to us provide very good advice and insight on Bahamian marinas.

Yesterday was an hour at the Fort Pierce Farmers Market complete with Marley Reggae. Followed by a brunch aboard of french scrambled eggs with lime and ginger, smoked salmon, fresh ciabatta and honeybelle oranges (all but the eggs came from the market). This was followed by a shopping trip for last minute boat items.

The day before we drove to Melbourne to visit an Air Force boss of mine (1976) who rescued me from a potentially career ending situation. We lunched with his wife and him for two plus hours before exploring our old stomping grounds for a while.

The day before was…

Perhaps one can get bored living like this. We would really have to work at it.

Did I mention the porpoise we called NASCAR? More on it later.

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