Departing Fort Lauderdale

Well, WordPress continues to disappoint. Now, I have discovered their application has failed in the same way on our other laptop.

We are planning to slip the lines about 0600 on Thursday to head for West End, Grand Bahama. We have a favorable weather situation starting tomorrow, but other things prevent us from leaving then.

With the kick from the Gulf Stream, we are looking at around 10 hours to get there and hope we can do better than than that (for clearing Customs reasons). Southerlies on Thursday may encourage a surface drift current that will add a bit to our speed. Although the Stream runs around 2.5 kts, our course will only allow us to take advantage of about 1 knot as we must crab to get there.

While this crossing must be taken seriously, it is also useful to remember at 69 nm, it is less distance than we sailed to get from Deale to Sandy Point on the Great Wicomico.

Still, the boat gets a thrice over before we leave. A problem on this route has different consequences than a problem on that one.

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