Crossing the Stream

The sail over was spectacular. We left the dock at 0554. We exited the Port Everglades breakwater 0645 (dodging a Carnival cruise ship in the process of docking).

It was a little lumpy for the first three hours as the tide met the swell that had built in the Gulf Stream overnight. We sailed all the way from the Port Everglades outer buoy to a mile off West End (68 miles). The water was cobalt blue and garlanded with Sarrgasso Weed the whole way. Six maybe seven rain drops fell. We motorsailed through some light spots, but we had 12-14 knots of almost due south wind the whole day. Shipping traffic was remarkably light and never a problem. Toward the end, small flying fish put on their skittery show of avoiding the boat.

We tied up here in Old Bahama Bay Marina (West End) at 1715. The Dockmaster was waiting with a lawn cart to take me to customs. The Customs officer didn’t seem the least put out we arrived past duty hours. The Marina office was just as cheerful.

We met Steve and Mary Ann (sp?) from “Air Force Won,” a Hunter 46. They leave tomorrow morning to return to the US for the birth of grand children. As is usually the case, they were a great source of specifics the guides often omit.

We replaced our yellow quarantine flag with the Bahamian courtesy ensign. And now onward…

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