Since 1981, I have been the chowder chef in this marriage. I have served 120 people at a time and all have demanded the recipe. We have served house/dinner guests who have asked when they could come again for more chowdah.

I have been bested. Monday, Janet fixed a batch (yes, clam chowder in the Bahamas) that exceeded mine to so great a degree, I doubt I can ever face preparing another pot of my own. Is this self-serving laziness? No. it is abject recognition I have been left in the clam dust, been relegated to the bacon side-lines, been slam potato dunked, been onion weggied, been milk toasted, been been buttered on both sides and sauteed in olive oil. This seasoned sailor chef has been shown the seasoning door.

I am humbled and well satisfied. And there’s enough for another dinner…yippee.

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