Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bytes

Today, we found another discrepancy between the electronic charts and the paper ones. The paper beat bytes (a modern addition to rock, paper, scissors). Blindly following the plotter would have led us into shallows which might or might not have allowed us to pass. With the paper ones to refer to, we altered course a smidge and pressed on under genoa and half a main. What is troublesome is the electronic chart provider claims to have used the paper chart provider’s data. Fortunately. we had enough sun to see the color differences in the water.

We were beating our way down from Powell Cay to Nunjack Cay (Once called Munjack and before that Manjack). The wind had backed into the NE, and we were able to sail on a single port tack to within a mile and a half of Rat Cay which more or less defines the limits of the anchorage. There, it was clear from our view and the radar, we’d be racing showers into the anchorage.

We arrived as they split and went either side of us. This is the most sheltered spot we have anchored yet. We are far enough from the ends of the Cay and deeply enough embedded in a real cove that we no longer have the cross swells that made Mangrove and Powell Cays lumpy and provided fitful sleeping.

We may pull in even closer here if we decide to explore tomorrow.

One response to “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bytes

  1. moondance38

    There is a nice path to the ocean side of Manjack Cay. Also, beautiful beaches on the northern tip of the island.

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