Pay As You Go Graffiti, Adventures in Outboard Maintenance & Cuisine

Since the first sailors ventured beyond their own creeks and beaches they have been inclined to leave remembrances. We have now added our imprint to the bar at the Green Turtle Club. We hope to add dates to this one in the coming years.

As I noted in a prior post, our dinghy is our car. So when we went ashore on Powell Cay we were very careful to stay upwind of the boat because the outboard was cranky. Actually, it wouldn’t hold low rpm and at high rpm it leaned out, backfired and almost stalled. This behavior ( because it was repetitive) hints of air leaks in the fuel supply line, wet or gunked up fuel filter, or gunked up carburetor jets (it’s a four stroke).

Today, I went through outboard 101 and concluded (after working from tank to carb (including blowing out the filter) the carb jets were gunked. This can happen when fuel sits there a long time. So after getting it to run well enough I could get it into gear without killing it, I went joyriding at full throttle (a maintenance requirement, of course) to get the engine hot and pump fresh fuel through the jets. By the sixth ridiculously enjoyable fast planing pass through the lagoon, the backfires were gone and the engine idled obediently at low speed.

Shrimp and Linguini with Cannellini beans ala Janet. Mild labor in a beautiful place sumptuously rewarded.

One response to “Pay As You Go Graffiti, Adventures in Outboard Maintenance & Cuisine

  1. Nancy VanderLinden

    Enjoyed the beautiful photos and update!! : )

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