Gully Roosters


This is the #1 Band in the Bahamas. They are GOOD! They perform every Wednesday Night here at Green Turtle Club. And folks know it. Last night the normally calm, 1/2 to 1/3 full open air restaurant was jammed. We showed up about five minutes before we would have ended up waiting an hour to an hour and a half. The maitre d’ had saved a table for us, but it had been let go as we showed up later than our usual. If we aren’t living right, then for the moment, we are living lucky.

Still, the crowd was ruly (opposite of unruly, right?) with the exception of two boys allowed to use the restaurant as a playground while their parents ignored other diners’ reactions. With the restaurant abutting the water and the tide high, we wouldn’t have been surprised if one of the boys had drowned.

The bar was jammed as well. There was a sense of go with the flow with only a very few folks headed toward insensate.

The dance crowd ranged from eight years old to +/-eighty? One of the eight year-olds was channeling a nephew of ours — when not acting as (screen)doorman. We complimented him to his mother.

The overall vibe was one of happiness rather than cathartic release. People came for a good meal and a good band, and they got them both. It was the one time (except for the derelict parents) we did not see a human being of any generation with a piece of dehumanizing technology in hand. [Sad to say many of the kids we’ve seen have only partially been in the Bahamas thanks to the connectivity here. Perhaps they are reading e-guide books…riiiight]

A Front approaches. It may be the last strong one of the season as the weather service is now talking about the Trade Winds which, once established, tend to block the Fronts and begin creating the dynamics for more showery, sometimes thundery days.

What will blow will blow.

Speaking meteorologically, of course.

 pic is from an album cover

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