Blue Bee Do-bee, DO!

Friday we rented a golf cart again and went back to New Plymouth to discover the load of vegetables Sid was expecting had fallen from the forklift between ferry and dock. There would be no romaine, no scallions, no limes until 1330… Except the supply ferry was coming late these days — 1530. But all was not lost, we found the wine and spirits store with US (or better) prices. We stocked up. Cruisers head for the Plymouth Rock Liquor & Cafe next to the dock at the end where the one way main street turns back south.

We hung around and killed time sampling “Pineapples” grouper fingers.  Best yet.Plus, when they arrived we were provided a lit can of sterno to individually heat our fries if they got cold*

Later we discovered we have a connection to the island that surprised and pleased Violet at the Blue Bee Bar. We stopped by to sample the Goombay Smash — invented here. When we told her we had had them before she asked about the circumstances. When we told her in July 1972 in Freeport/Lucaya she got a big smile on her face. Miss Emily, the inventor, had gone there that summer to promote the Smash as the National cocktail and had served many in the process. We’d like to think we might have been among those sampling the first. It seemed Miss Violet felt the same way. Two of these and you better hope the golf cart knows the way home.

After whiling away some pleasant time in this little blue heaven with legions of business cards cherubin and signed t-shirt (principal among other items) seraphim we wandered back to Sid’s to discover the vegetables were…well, they weren’t there in New Plymouth yet.


In the evening we discovered our friend Debbie at the Green Turtle Club (who Miss Violet called and Island Icon) was the recipient of a national award for tourism industry members — the Cacique Award. We have no doubt why.

*At dinner we were told the burning sterno was to keep the files away…but at lunch we distinctly heard the words, “if they get cold”. We are convinced the concern was for cold fries, not cold flies.

Click first pic for gallery.

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