Whale of a Time

This is a good day. On a bad day people don't even come near enough to take pictures. This place has eaten ships for dinner; boats are just snacks.

Last night after dinner aboard, we sat in the cockpit and watched the light show from the approaching cold front. Fortunately, most of the lightning was cloud-to-cloud and the cells with cloud-to-ground went N and S of us. We disconnected the shore power cord in any case.

The rain brought a lot of cold air down with it, and as it spread across us we had to put on an extra layer. We are becoming tropical temperature wimps.

Nearing 2230, one vertical bolt was too close for comfort, and we went below. In less than five minutes we had a short-lived downpour that washed away a lot of salt. And then for us, it was over.

This morning the air was still and crystalline, but not all that cool. the conditions were ripe for running the Whale Passage. We checked out of the marina, bug-out style, and got off the dock at 1045. Once clear of the White Sound Channel, we called on Ch16 for any reports on the Whale. “SEMPER FI” came back with “1 foot rollers and beautiful.” With a Woohoo! we set course and had a lovely sail all the way to Settlement on Great Guana (where they had 50 mph winds last night).

The harbor was full. The water was thin. So, we backtracked to Fishers Bay which was not all that thrilling given it was open to the wind predicted for the day. The holding was good though, and once we had the anchor down the conditions weren’t much worse than Mangrove Cay’s had been. The winds are predicted to clock this evening to NE which changes this from an iffy place to a favored one. We are very glad to be on the hook again. Green Turtle Club was great, and we’ll return, but it was time to move on.

Adam Troy had a schooner. This looks more like the ship from which Ensign Pulver launched the potted palm. In any case a wide berth is wise when one of these island freighters is near.

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