Yesterday morning was weird. The rigging was quiet. The boat was still except for the reflected ferry wake that tossed us for a while. The wind which had been blowing 15 knots plus (and plus)  since March 2 was gone. A very large high pressure area with widely spaced isobars had eased over us. We were afloat in a giant grass-bottomed pool. Gallery at end of post click first pic to start.

Bar Jacks could be seen inspecting the anchor chain and snubber. Sea stars a foot across were grazing. While we watched them, our heads snapped up at the sound of a large eagle ray or small manta leaping more than five feet out of the water three times in rapid succession about fifty yards from us.

The anchor chain was looped and curved across the bottom.  The anchor was abeam. The other boats were pointing in various directions. Eventually zephyrs lined us all up, but the day remained calm.

We dinghied in to the beach at Grabbers for lunch. There we met a nice couple from Atlanta who winter here shore-side. After good fish and fries and conch fritters, we wandered over to Nippers on the beach. The view was great. Since we didn’t eat and we only had Kaliks we can’t say much about this much vaunted place other than we preferred the ambiance (and prices) at Grabbers.

We’ve come to the conclusion that in addition to a furling staysail (we have set those wheels in motion), a more powerful (and short shaft) outboard would be useful. This one is behaving now that we have run it for a while. We continue to be delighted with the aluminum hulled RIB. We just wish they had put the aft lifting points lower.

The golden hour over calm waters had people out rowing for the fun of it. The sea stars continued to graze. Janet made dirty rice. Yum.

We hadn’t realized how our senses had been slightly abraded by the unending (and we are told, unusual) wind. It will be back. Refreshed, we will be ready for it. The light SE’ly this morning is a new wind direction for us here off Guana. It’s a cool, gentle breeze that put the sun on the bow early. So it was up early as the sunbeams played across our faces through the open forward hatch.

Tomorrow, we head for Marsh Harbour and a different phase of the journey — short outings from a marina for a month. We find it so peaceful to be at anchor though…

2 responses to “Calm

  1. moondance38

    I agree that the food is better at Grabbers but you must try at least one frozen Nipper. (Try one and then try to climb into one of those hammocks at the pool–very amusing!) If you’re looking to buy a new outboard, getting one in the Bahamas is a good deal. We bought a new Yamaha 2-stroke 15hp a few years ago. We purchased it over the phone from Nassau and had it shipped on the mail boat to Staniel Cay (cost – $15) I don’t think you’ll find a cheaper price in the US (plus you can’t get a 2-stroke any more)

    • Harriet, We will likely be back through here on the way Stateside, and may nip a Nipper then. I am more concerned about getting from the dinghy to the boat… I will say the folks at Grabbers seemed a bit more friendly, as well. We will definitely look at what’s available in the OB market here, thanks for the heads up! Marlins-Nationals 3-2…as FL residents again, we are conflicted…

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