Maxwells’s Smart and an Evening Fling

Marsh Harbour has three principal grocery stores. Of these, Maxwell’s, looks like a New Mexico military commissary on the outside and a very well maintained and stocked Publix/Giant on the inside. Some items were eyewateringly expensive (and they are still there after our visit) and some were less than Walmart in Fort Pierce at better or equal quality. I found ginger biscuits (cookies) and ginger beer (not alcoholic but with very much more pepper to it than ginger ale). We left with only diet ginger ale and new potatoes still on our list. And then we lugged our bags back (in the heat of the day, of course). We have a cart; why I left it on the boat I don’t know. I will not do that again.

We did some other business on the way. First class mail in the Bahamas, $0.15. First class to US, $0.65. [One should note that the post cards we mailed to our Florida address on 22 March from Green Turtle Cay are still yet to arrive.]

Swim Fins. For Janet to replace hers with a product equivalent to what I bought in the US for $25 will cost $62 here.

However, I can drop our propane tank off at the Corner Value hardware; they will cart it to the dealer; have it filled; bring it back and charge nothing above the cost of the gas.

Having rested our overheated feet in the breeze that finally arrived, we were joined by a Fling of Least Sandpipers [per Sibley’s  Field Guide] as evening approached. They turned UNO MAS’ dinghy into an impromptu lounge and the dock into a Motel Six. Most decided to settle in and sleep. One tried to chat up a techno-chick in black, but she wasn’t having any.

These birds were about five feet from us.

2 responses to “Maxwells’s Smart and an Evening Fling

  1. moondance38

    Ginger beer is really good with dark rum (dark & stormy!) My stepdaughter mailed a postcard from the Abacos to her grandmother and it arrived 6 months later! There was a pretty good fish market on the way to the grocery store–a small house that had a lot of bouys hanging in the trees. We found minced conch there for conch chowder–I don’t mess with the mincing part!

    • O yeah, been drinking those since…well along time ago. We’ll check out the fish market, it’s time to grill our own grouper. Ginger Beer with Mount Gay Eclipse is a “Partly Cloudy.”

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