Party of the First Part

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“There’s a party at 5:30 at the end of the dock.” “You mean ******* is back and anchoring Happy Hour?” “No, ***** **** hired a band and is providing heavy hors d’oeuvres.”

We wandered down, and the band had a warm up singer! The hors d’oeuvres were heavy and tasty. ***** **** was a brand new 50 foot sailboat. Our Host was the woman owner from Kilmarnock, VA (a place we once owned retirement property). She invited folks to tour the boat while we were waiting for the band, “Brown Tip,” which meant two more guys, Brown Tip* (who sang) and both played ripsaws with a dinner knife in the “rake ‘n’ scrape**” style — a combination of washboard and theremin sounds (as they bent the saws). Quite an effect, and the singers were good. They let the equipment amp up the sound and sang within their good voices. When they shut the amps off and sang and scraped, Janet called it “sawcapella.”

At any time there were 30 of us tapping toes, swaying, dancing, chatting, telling boat stories…all told I’d say 50 folks had been there.

We ran into “K,” the Dark & Stormy Guru (and he shared the one he brought).

Except for the Captain, his truly charming girlfriend, their dog, and the owner’s daughter(?), the group was plus or minus 10 years of us. All of us showed mileage; a few showed wear and tear; no one showed any signs of running out of gas…

* Matheson “Brown Tip” Cooper, also cleans boat bottoms using SCUBA…just the way it is in the Abacos.

**This YouTube Video (not of our making) is a better recording than were able to make. The opening performer was the second band member.

3 responses to “Party of the First Part

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  2. moondance38

    We had Brown Tip change our zincs a few years ago. Love the rake ‘n scrape!

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