Never Ever Use One of These Phones — BBG Rip-Off

The handset should say RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY, NOW!

Skype has been letting us down lately. So I went up to the marina office to make a credit card call on this phone. It took four ties to get it to work. An operator intervened.

klaxonBahamasMy completed call was less than a minute.

It cost me $49.10 USD*

I should have checked the rate before I used the phone — my bad. It turns out it is a well known international rip off — you just have to know the billing company involved is BBG Communications, and I didn’t. You also don’t see the name anywhere on the phone. It appears they may specifically target US Military Personnel trying to make hurried calls between flights to and from deployed locations.

The link below goes to pages and pages of hits I got from Google when I searched on the name that instantly showed up on my credit card on-line statement.

BBG Phone Rip Off

*So I have to forego a small lunch here in the Bahamas to break even, but being glibly robbed by amoral creeps never goes down well.

2 responses to “Never Ever Use One of These Phones — BBG Rip-Off

  1. moondance38

    We went to a small electronics store in Marsh Harbor and bought the cheapest phone they had. With purchased phone cards I think the rate was around 35 cents per minute to call the US. You can buy time online too (but your credit card company may bounce the charge). It worked out great. We had to buy a new sim card the next year but it was only $15. We didn’t have any luck with skype either!

    • We had planned to do that but decided since we would be in Marsh Harbour only a month, so it wouldn’t be necessary. Skype had worked fine until we got to MH. We were a third of the way into the month before it really let us down. And it’s not a Skype problem as much as it is the previously mentioned WIFI problem. When [if] the WIFI is stable Skype-to-Phone works fine. Had we not needed to update credit card information with three vendors who wouldn’t accept the information earlier than the month the card expired and who wouldn’t take the information by email, the matter would have never come up. Had the bank allowed us to change the expiration month on the card, it wouldn’t have been an issue either.

      Oh, and we are looking for three more cooperative vendors as a result.

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