Abaco Rage

No, this is not more rant about the phone rip-off.

For several days we had been hearing on the Cruisers Net about a fund-raiser in Hope Town for the Abaco Rage*, the largest of the Bahamian Workboat Racers to represent Abaco. Next smaller is the “Dove” and after that, “Conchy Joe.” There is a race coming, and Rage’s lead balancing weights (not ballast per se) had been stolen during shipment back from a regatta. So funds are required. The Rage is a 28 footer with a 65 foot mast, and like Chesapeake log canoes, she is ballasted by bodies out on a “pry.” We are a 40 footer with a 62 foot mast ballasted with 9500 lbs of lead.

We decided to buy ferry tickets to Hope Town since we had a Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club get together that evening in Marsh Harbour. We walked to the ferry (1.8 miles) and ferried to Hope Town (4 miles).  Can’t walk on water, so we had to.

We went, we saw, we spent.

Since Hope Town for a day is primarily a visual experience, this post has more photos and less text.

*A “Rage” in the Bahamas is heavy, dangerous surf.

Click on the first pic to start the gallery.

3 responses to “Abaco Rage

  1. Explanation of “explained 50 times” pic 023 above
    The shirt printer waited until the last minute and got caught by the Easter Holiday.
    The day after Easter Monday a few employees decided to lengthen their weekend.
    Then they couldn’t find the silkscreen for the front and had to recreate.
    Then the printer had a health issue and had to go to the clinic.
    Then the Customs strike had freight handling at the airport fouled up.
    The shirts were promised at 1100, 1115, 1130
    They arrived at 1230…”it’s the Bahamas…”

  2. moondance38

    Did you bring back a Vernon’s key lime pie (oh my!)?

    • Not this time, we thought we might try a slice when we go back before leaving Abaco. With our less than friendly relationship with lactose, we tread carefully…

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