Habituation (harbour-nation)

Up with the Cruisers Net on Channel 68.
Make the tea.
Admire the day.
Check the electric meter.
Give the boat and docklines and cables a once over.
Grab a light snack or invent breakfast.
Grab a book.
Read the email if the WIFI is behaving.
Admire the day.
Try to figure out what day it is without looking at anything.
Try to remember which restaurants are open.
Try to remember which are going to produce lots of noise.
Watch the porpoises.
Watch the Bakers Bay Hinckley jet boats shuttle back and forth.
Watch arrivals and departures.
Meet someone new.
Say good bye to a new friend.
Watch charterers.
Admire the day.
Do some boat-work/houskkeeping/fix something/etc.
Walk to Bristol’s and/or Maxwell’s and/or Standard/National.
Go to the pool.
Admire the afternoon.
Grab the book.
Shift around to stay out of or in the Sun.
Discuss dinner — in; out — light; full — band; no band.
Decide on Dinner.
Change clothes accordingly or not.
Chat with dock mates — avoiding politics.
Admire the day.
Mix a drink.
Go to dinner — be pleased or not…
…(never a problem with dinner aboard…never!).
Admire the sunset.
Listen to the conch horns and/or blow one.
Go below.
Watch a bit of TV (avoiding politics as much as possible).
Talk about how we will do something different tomorrow…maybe.
Talk about departing (briefly).
Go to bed with fans only.
Ignore the fragments of music and globs of rhythm coming from somewhere.
Rejoice at midnight when the bands mostly stop.
Reach for the sheet around three a.m.
Up with the Cruisers Net on Channel 68…

Every Odyssey has its Sirens… It’s time to stow the docklines and move on…after the next Front of course…and then there’s pizza night at Mangoes and then there’s the package we are waiting for…and then there’s…

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