Short and Sour

klaxonBahamasSnappa’s announced complementary hors d’ouvres at Friday happy hour on the Cruisers Net yesterday. I went over early to find out what they would be and was recited a list.

We showed up at 5 p.m. When we mentioned the snacks to the bartender, he looked away and said something along the lines of hopefully or eventually

We left at 6:45 after two rounds of drinks. No hors d’ouvres had been served, nor were there any signs there would be any. I watched the cook who had recited the list leave around 5:45, and the kitchen was tied up by people ordering from the menu.

This didn’t have the feel of “island time” at work. We consider this a deliberate “come on” or a “bait and no switch, no nothing” to sell drinks. We now understand the look on the bartender’s face when he answered us.

We will be giving Snappa’s a miss from now on. There are alternatives.

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