To Cap it All Off – Redux

Kudos to Complete Yacht Service in Fort Lauderdale and to Mark M.

From April 14th…

…so I called our boatyard in Galesville and had them ship one. The Fedex charge will be several multiples of the $18 USD Cap price, but it will come in duty free and fast.

Except, I told them the wrong engine model. [It’s a long story not worth telling — mea maxima culpa.] So when I called them back, the one I needed was not in stock. Now we were looking at shipping days from wholesaler to retailer to us.

I called six Yanmar suppliers before I found one who had the part and had experience with international shipping to yachts in transit. [If one can call Skype-to-Phone “calling.” Think of a football player’s tire drill where one trips and falls on every other tire.]

Complete Yacht Service had the part and the expertise.  We concluded our conversation [such as it was] around noon. I had to email them the information they couldn’t understand over the horrible connection.

The cap — the right cap — arrived here the following morning. Shipping was only 5.8 times the cost of the part — after CYS chose the cheapest mode that met our schedule needs. After I pay our yard for shipping the first cap, we should have this one gold plated in recognition of what it cost us.

When I seated it and locked it, it clearly required more pressure and torque to seal. A good sign.

Please let this be the solution to the cha-cha and the burps. Hmmmm, do we have a band name here?

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