Mixed Feelings

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We had originally planned to make cruising forays from Harbour View Marina during the month of April. The placement of our slip made departures an iffy affair. Large catamarans were frequently docked behind us at Snappa’s which made the maneuvers for getting in and out tedious at best.

Instead, we decided to stay put, but shorten our stay. Today was departure day. Besides the routines associated with moving on, we had the farewells to folks who had become neighbors. These include Texans John and Sue on “Uno Mas” with whom we shared a dock and the entire staff of the marina. Most of the other folks we met and went to dinner with or the pool or what ever have already left.

We got away smoothly thanks to Janet, John, Sue and James (HVM Crew). They all helped position the boat where I needed it — to be able to pivot clear of the slip and the catamaran aft.

The engine cooling system seemed to behave for a while, But when I checked it, coolant had been forced back up into the make-up tank. This is OK but odd. The cha-cha of the temperature gauge disappeared — until I slowed for a few hundred meters outside the harbour. When I returned the engine to cruising RPM the cha-cha returned, though it decreased over time.

We decided to motor the 15 miles to Treasure Cay to watch the engine, and we can conclusively say we aren’t sure if the problem is behind us or not.

Approaching Treasure Cay, the fetch behind us was pretty much the entire Sea of Abaco, and we found ourselves surfing toward a very well marked channel into the resort’s canal system. We had the anchor down barely two hours after leaving Marsh Harbour.

We were just a bit surprised to be anchoring. The place has moorings (according to the cruising guides) and we had decided to take one because it’s close quarters. We called and were told there were no moorings available. When we got in the channel we called again to see if things had changed — and were told the resort only has three moorings left after Irene, so just about everyone anchors. But…

After we got the hook down we put the dink in the water so I could row in and register (a sign in the canal said this was required of all boats). I figured a quarter mile row would do me good and it did until one of the oar locks ripped free of the dinghy about 40 feet from the dock.

So I paddled up to the ladder and went in to register — and was told it wasn’t necessary — just come in and settle up when leaving. Anchoring here is $10 a day, but that includes access to the resort amenities. I like the trust, but…

They had a grocery so, I at least was able to get the parsley and scallions we couldn’t find at Maxwell’s yesterday.

I was able to jury rig a rowlock of sorts and made my way back to the boat too focused on keeping the dink in a straight line to be miffed about the lack of communication, but…it’s the Bahamas.

While I was gone, Janet had seen large Tarpon and turtles. I saw the turtles and their jellyfish snacks.

As the day melted away we commented on however nice the marina had been, it was nice to be  surrounded by quiet. No bars, restaurants, trucks, boom boxes, screeching brakes, no constant ebb and flow of Baker’s Bay taxi yachts (each worth $1,000,000, one worth $7M). No rattling dock boards…

We’ll likely wait out the passage of a trough (moving east to west) with rain and strong easterlies before taking the next leg west. In the meantime, there is a three mile beach rated in the top ten worldwide to go explore and more conch fritters and grouper to sample.

If there was a problem today, I can’t remember what it was…

2 responses to “Mixed Feelings

  1. Hey guys… sounds like fun… wx here has been beautiful sailed yesterday in a dying breeze 75 degrees.. wont last long!! cheers ann & charlie

    • Hi to you both. Glad to hear you had Vixen out. Our good weather is being replaced with 90% predictions of heavy rain (totaling over 2 inches) and 25-30 mph winds for the weekend.

      I know I recommended this RIB, and I still do, but after seeing how the rowlocks actually work, they had to have had someone who had never seen a rowboat design them.

      I’m going to replace them with Avon rowlocks when we get back to where I can get some. The gluing surface on these is about 1/3 of what it needs to be, and the torque radius (ht of rowlock axis above the tube) too high and the fit too sloppy.

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