Can National Geographic Be Wrong??? Nope!

The west end of the three mile crescent beach on the north side of Treasure Cay (a peninsula, not a cay) was the location of Carleton a principal settlement of Loyalists seeking to escape persecution in the new United States. We don’t know if it was one of National Geographic’s Top Ten Beaches then or not, and we suspect the settlers had other concerns such as lack of drinking water. Be that as it may, the beach is certainly in our top three.

The Treasure Cay Resort is a bit frayed at the cuffs, but the welcome is genuine and the service and food is competitive. The price is certainly right, $10 to anchor and access all the resort’s offerings. We hope the slow rebound of the economy accelerates as the local folks are 100% dependent on the several resorts along the beach.We’ll probably help the local economy after the rain lets up and before time to meander farther west arrives.

Click the first pic to start gallery…

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