What We Didn’t Do Yesterday

♦ …sleep late (up at 0550).
♦…get stuck circling at the Sisters Creek Bridge with an adverse current.
♦…get stuck behind the Kingsley Creek unattended, automatic railroad bridge with an adverse current.
♦…have to wait for high tide to clear the shoal in the Amelia River below Fernandina.
♦…have to mess with the Cumberland Dividings at low tide.
♦…drone through the winding creeks and sloughs of Georgia fighting an adverse current.
♦…have to deal with Jekyll Creek at low tide.


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♦…make good time up the waterway to the St Johns on a fading ebb.
♦…enter the St Johns with less cross current than we have ever experienced here.
♦…go down the St Johns with no large traffic until the very end, and we left the ship channel before it got to us.
♦…have a very nice motorsail — SE wind 6-8 knots on the starboard quarter,  swell from the SE all the way to the entrance to St Simons Sound where the wind shifted E and increased to 18 knots.
♦…get a 0.5-1.2 knot push from the coastal current all the way.
At the entrance to St Simons, the tide switched and we fought a similar or greater current all the way in with our ground speed around 4.8 at times. There were no breakers across our path, but there were to the north.
♦…make it into Brunswick Landing Marina at 1700 — an hour early — and went from 79 degrees offshore to 90 in a hurry — ouch.

♦We traded 11 hours offshore (three of them just getting through the St Simons Inlet to the Marina) for 36 or more that would have been required in the waterway.

♦We saw lots of shrimpers — visual or on radar — and we followed another sailboat and a freighter into St Simons. Otherwise it was a very low stress day.

So, now we are above Cumberland Island before 1 June — an insurance requirement — and the rest of our trip will be more tuned to nature’s rhythms. Oh, and there appears to be something tropical heading our way in the next few days.

2 responses to “What We Didn’t Do Yesterday

  1. Well done!! We’ve been doing the inside route and making better-than-expected progress. We arrived in Southport, NC this afternoon and will keep the boat here until June 9 or 10. Maryanne has to be in NYC and then to present at a conference in Tampa. We’ll continue north after that. May our paths cross!

    • Well be keeping our eyes open for Symphony. Right now we are thinking we’ll be in Southport around the 11th, but so much is dependent on the wx. Enjoy!

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