Roll Out the Beryl

What Beryl amounted to depended upon where one was. We had two gusts that sharply heeled, and thus woke us last night and one heavy downpour around four a.m. Otherwise, it was a quieter night than most we spent anchored at Great Sale Cay and less windy than the squalls at Green Turtle Cay on the way back to the U.S.

The closer one was to the coast, the worse the winds and surge (~4 foot) were. But nowhere was there much lightning, and tornadoes didn’t materialize, around here at least.

Now the storm is stalled and drenching some locales (mostly in Florida). We expect the rain will begin to move north and then northeast in the next 48 hours. Here, more rain is some hours off, at least according to the radar. But more is about a 100% probability.

When the time came to go to the marina Memorial Day party, a strong slate colored squall line was bearing down on our end of the marina (Dock 12). As we debated continuing, two ladies told us to get in their car, and we rode the half mile to the party. When we ran under the Dock 1 awning, the wind was up to 35 kts and we were just wet enough for ironing. An hour later it was over and the sun was out. And a good time was had by all it seemed. The steaks were tender. The potluck was lucky — especially the wild rice salad and feta Janet brought. The string combo was age appropriate and skilled. As usual we met a handful of nice folks. Unusually, we watched three manatees cruising the banks looking for freshwater run-off.

2 responses to “Roll Out the Beryl

  1. moondance38

    We waited out hurricane Ida in Brunswick a few years ago. It’s a great place to hide from storms. I loved the free laundry and Sherry the dock master was a hoot!

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