A Theory of Relativity

Yesterday, we encountered three opening bridges between 0800 and 1300 on a summer Saturday morning in vacation at the beach territory. All three opened like sesame. There was no waiting, no circling, no wondering when the gates would go down. Only once did another boat complicate matters* with erratic behavior ahead of us (the operator never looked behind him…for him we didn’t exist).

After the nearly 30 bridges we encountered in two days between Fort Pierce and Fort Lauderdale, with refusals to answer, strong currents (often pushing us toward the bridge), half hour circling sessions, erratic and chemically impaired (?) boaters, and entirely shore focused opening rules, we understand a new aspect of the theory of relativity. [And we also plan to head for the Abacos from Lake Worth next time.]

Funny we used to complain about these three bridges.

*This doesn’t count the speed boat that passed us between the bulkheads (horizontal clearance 110 feet) of a high rise bridge at 30 miles an hour while the operator was on his cell phone. This was the same area where a Cigarette passed us (in 2009) at 55 mph, so closely as to splash our hull with water  by cutting sharply in front of us.

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