No Rain in this Forecast

A wind came up out of the sea,
And said, “O mists, make room for me.”
It hailed the ships, and cried, “Sail on,
Ye mariners, the night is gone.”
And hurried landward far away,
Crying, “Awake! it is the day.”

Whiteside Creek, SC

2 responses to “No Rain in this Forecast

  1. What a storm you had! Glad you are both fine. We’re back on the boat after being in NYC and Tampa for about 9 days. We motor-sailed from Masonboro Inlet today and are anchored near Beaufort. We’re pushing hard to get back to Long island. Hope to see you somewhere along the way. Safe travels. — Maryanne & Chuck

    • Thanks guys. We are stuck in Little River waiting for a replacement for the dead Droid. Local store was sold out. Verizon will only ship to billing addresses so it has to go to Florida and then be forwarded here. We hope to be in Wrightsville Saturday and then sail outside to Beaufort Sunday. Safe travels to you as well.

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