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We had time-budgeted for two days off the boat while Hartge Yacht Yard* handled the annual maintenance.

We arrived late to the yard thanks to hauling an anchor, chain and rode up with ours when we were ready to leave the Chalk Point area. When we did arrive, the yard’s power was off thanks to the Derecho. So we took the car and headed for our summer marina to choose a slip and for lunch.

We’ve now been ashore for five days and it appears it will be seven.
We’ve done some incidental shopping and reconnaissance each day, but much of the time has been spent on editorial work and watching Wimbledon.

The yard team has made progress (hull is clean and painted, zincs are replaced, prop is coated and greased). But the rig still has to be tuned, the seacocks serviced and the entire lifeline system replaced with new and heavier components.

One thing we have noticed is zinc wastage is definitely greater given our increased time in seawater, something consider when laying in spares.

So now we have to start thinking about staysail furling, new anchor, longer chain, satellite communications, and correcting the starter problem on the genset. (Just was informed company has been sold, so wither goes tech support is a big question.).

We’ve extended our hotel stay to Sunday because heat indexes for tomorrow will be bumping up against 120°F — and it isn’t going to be a dry heat.

*Hartge Yacht Yard, owned and run by Alex Schlegl commissioned our boat and has done the annual maintenance ever since. We are convinced after 38 years of sailing, this is the best yard crew we have had the pleasure of doing business with. There are other individual service providers we use from time to time, but as long as the boat spends any part of the year on the Bay, HYY will be doing the annual haul outs.

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