And the Beat Goes on…

In ninety days, we head south. This is the cascading consequence events since this time last year.

Lest anyone think we are relaxing… In addition to social commitments and medical appointments we have the following on our plate.

  • Convert the staysail to roller furling
  • Replace 120 feet of seven year old anchor chain with 175 feet of new
  • Replace the under-performing Delta anchor with a new SPADE anchor
  • Fix a leaking port
  • Find the water system leak or refix the one we found
  • Consider a whisker pole
  • Evaluate and decide on our satellite communications options
  • Repair the genset — again
  • Figure out why the outboard won’t idle properly
  • Add planing fins to the outboard — too much thrust is going to bubbles
  • Make a dinghy cover, and other misc canvas work
  • Make a bag for the new inflatable kayak and decide on whether to add a second
  • Waterproof the canvas
  • Clean and wax the topsides
  • Rethink our stowage arrangements — we took too much of the wrong stuff and the right stuff was too hard to get to

Do some fall sailing here on the Bay, and all the routine maintenance…

And in the midst of this perhaps we will run up to Maine for a week, perhaps not. Heat Index today = 91 deg F — Better than 115 on Sunday, but still not conducive to outdoor work.

2 responses to “And the Beat Goes on…

  1. moondance38

    It’s always an endless list! The Rocna (or Manson) anchor is the most highly recommended. We may replace our Delta some day. We are also going to replace our chain as it is very rusty. Skip thought they had a good price at Bacon. I also have an inflatable kayak but didn’t take it back to the Bahamas because the current was always too strong. It’s with us on this trip but not very accessible as it is buried in an aft locker. Our planing fins work great on the outboard. Hope you get to have some fun in between all the work!

    • Harriet, Yep, That was just the short list for editorial efficiency!

      We’ve talked to Rocna-ers and Spade-ers; both groups stories tend to a bit hyperbolic. We know of a sistership with a Spade who specifically comments on Spade performance in strong, switching currents and wind against tide situations. What steered us away from Rocna was the roll bar. To me as an engineer, its not a feature, it’s a “fix” with a downside. I like that the Spade achieves the same outcome through its core design features. I am also leery of any anchor that leaves a loop of metal above the bottom waiting for another anchor or rode to snag it.

      Bacon’s price on chain is close to a dollar less [per foot] than West — at least 5/16in G4/HT which is what we use.

      I read you as to currents in the Exumas, but we found the Abacos to be more kayak friendly. There, the main thing was to start out into the wind.

      Would like to know what planing fins you chose. We are going to stick with out 6hp 4stroke for another season and think they could be a big help.

      Maybe we’ll see you guys before long.


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