Bacon, Bacon….Baconnnn

When we came to the Bay, in 1980, we were pointed toward “Bacon.” Then it was a consignment shop in old Annapolis in a very old store front. Shopping there, then, required archeology skills and a face mask. We never made a penny off consignments we left, but we did find an excellent winch for 10% of what it would have cost us new. We came out ahead even with the losses.


In searching for best prices for this season’s mods to the boat and our approach to cruising, we discovered Bacon Sails & Marine Supplies sold the Spade anchor we sought at the same price (we thought) as the manufacturer (so no shipping)! In the process, we discovered they sold the chain we needed at $1.18 a foot less than anyone else we trusted locally — and this chain came from the same manufacturer as the more expensive sources. A big deal when one is buying 175 feet of the stuff.

When we got to the new store, no more archeology, no more dust mask. Off West Boulevard near Parole, (116 Legion Ave) the new store has high ceilings, lots of high windows, and a really friendly crew. [One of whom was the son of a woman we met in Ft Pierce last season. She stopped at the boat for a chat on the way to the Farmers’ Market. Told us about “Honeybell” Oranges.]

Not only did they have the anchor, it was  less than the manufacturer’s online price.

They were nice folks, in a nice place, and we walked out with about half the price of a satellite phone in savings. Kudos!

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