Houston we have Genset!

Replacing a starter

on a car. (1 hr)

on an installed Diesel genset located under steering pedestal. (3 hrs)

  1. Purchase starter at nearby auto supply (or Amazon), pay no shipping.
  2. Place car on rack.
  3. Disconnect starter from battery.
  4. Roll tool kit to car.
  5. Select two sockets and a screw driver.
  6. Remove starter.
  7. Replace Starter.
  8. Connect battery.
  9. Lower rack.
  10. Drive off.
  1. Discover genset company was just sold and supply chain is being transferred to buyer
  2. Order genset rebuilt starter (1/3 cost)
  3. Have it delivered by mule to avoid high shipping costs
  4. Wait for weather to cool so working in seat locker will be non-lethal.
  5. Empty seat locker.
  6. Turn off genset start battery switch.
  7. Remove acoustic enclosure removable sections.
  8. Discover exhaust hose and air filter prevent access to bolts holding starter to engine
  9. Disassemble acoustic enclosure service access — 8 tiny hex screws and nylocs.
  10. Unbolt genset from boat stringers — four lag bolts, each requiring a different wrench-extension combination.
  11. Drag genset 5/4 inch to be able to disconnect exhaust hose (water hose prevents farther drag) and to be able to remove starter from behind and above generator.
  12. Discover the 15mm nuts and bolts reference in the parts manual are actually 16mm and 17mm
  13. Go to local hardware store to discover they have 14mm and 18mm but a sister store 15 miles way has 15m-17mm
  14. Drive there, buy them (treat one’s self to a chocolate croissant from the grocer)
  15. Remove the starter.
  16. Replace the starter.
  17. Do 11,10,9,8,7, and 6 in reverse.
  18. Open supply and exhaust seacocks.
  19. Flip start switch.
  20. Exult.
  21. Close seacocks and return seat locker contents.
  22. Stand still in shade until hips and back quit revolting.
  23. Drink three glasses of water to replace fluids lost.

It’s a boat.

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