41 Years Today

The other event that day. Apollo 15 returns on two chutes.

On August 7th, 1971, we married on a hot Texas day. We knew we would still be married when this day came along, but we could not have described the path we have traveled in our wildest dreams.

It certainly hasn’t been conventional; for the very largest part it’s been fun. Altogether, we certainly have a lot of good memories and plan to make a lot more.


4 responses to “41 Years Today

  1. Happy Anniversary, Chris & Janet! Chuck and I are near Block Island where we were married on Aug 16, 1980. Our next trip south will be Fall, 2013. — Maryanne and Chuck

    • Maryanne and Chuck, Thank you so much, and Happy Anniversary to you both. Stay in touch. We will look for you in 2013. Chris & Janet

  2. Chris, Janet

    Happy anniversary! Hope all is well with you. We have just returned from 2 weeks of traveling around Nova Scotia. Beautiful scenery, some good hikes and fun watching the incredible Bay of Fundy tides!

    Come visit!

    Charlie and Ann

    • Thanks guys! We loved Nova Scotia, particularly Annapolis Royal. There was a heat wave when we were there — 77 deg! (The low here lately). We drove miles to see a tidal bore — wow! We’ll be heading that way eventually.

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