Almost Heaven…

We waited to celebrate our anniversary until the inn we wanted had the room we wanted (see image) available. So on 13 August we drove to Hillbrook Inn near Charles Town, West Virginia. On the way we stopped for sushi and to have our teeth cleaned (in that order). I had the dentist evaluate the crown that broke free just after we reached the Little Bahama Bank. That resulted in good news.

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The Inn held a late dinner for us as they normally seat only at 6 p.m. On our arrival they treated us like family. At dinner they fed us the same way.

First a mango, feta, arugula and almond salad with Greek vinaigrette. Then, perfectly prepared exceptionally tender filet mignon, fresh yellow and Silver Queen corn sliced from the cob, homemade mashed potatoes and excellent haricot vert with ciabatta rolls. Then a dark chocolate pate with embedded pecans, fresh cherry slices and a vanilla creme sauce. 5 STARS.

Our room was better than we expected.

Then there was breakfast #1

Blueberries, plum slices, homemade granola, and fruit syrup served as a parfait followed by scrambled eggs garnished with brie, bacon, french toast (with Haitian Coffee syrup) and pecans.

Breakfast #2

Fresh peaches and toasted almonds with Greek yogurt sweetened with honey, whipping cream and almond extract. Followed by Eggs Benedict (not drowned in Hollandaise) garnished with dill and accompanied by grilled garden fresh asparagus.

Breakfast #3

Sauteed Pink Lady apple slices with allspice and the strudel pastry on the side. A deconstructed spinach, sweet onion and cheese omelet garnished with fresh pineapple spears.
The menus were personalized. We were asked to supply allergies, likes and dislikes ahead of time so the chef could work around them. The service was excellent and personalized. The lady who seemed to take care of absolutely everything was near our age. Her father had worked at Johnson Space Center during the same years as my folks.

The view out our window was timeless (except for the plastic chairs for the scheduled “elopement”). I kept looking for a hobbit to come walking up the swale.

UNFORTUNATELY, dinner is no longer served on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. A change we were warned of by the owner by phone. They made good with a cheese tray, and we noshed the second night.

The 3rd night we went into Charles Town to Mi Dellogado Mexican Restaurant — and we are talking Mexican! Named for the home of the proprietors in the State of Jalisco, this place serves the food I came to love when wandering Mexico with my grandmother. This is a strip mall gem run by people who put love on your plate and traditional Mexican music in your ears. The menu is eight pages long and lists dishes I haven’t had in 45 years. AI-YI-YI-YI. Given the chance, we will go back!

We took the Snickersville Turnpike (1.8 lanes, no stripes) back into Northern Virginia and inspected our rental property and met with a contractor about some $$$ fixes required. We continued to be very happy with our property management company and our renters.

While we were on turf we knew, Janet stopped for a haircut, and I got my first one from someone other than her in 23 years.

Neither of us felt like cooking when we got back to the boat, and it needed time to cool back down, so we went out for blackened scallops, fried zucchini, and grilled salmon Ceasar salads.

And while all this was afoot the master rigger at Hartge’s Yacht Yard was equipping our boat with furling gear for the staysail. This morning we moved the boat back to Deale. There is a party to attend tonight, more Drs appointments next week…

We chuckle when people ask us what we find to do with our time.

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