Latest Project

The Sun eats inflatable dinghies. The UV teeth nibble through the fabric at an alarming rate, given the cost of replacement. While there are protectants one can apply, they tend to interfere with later repairs because most contain silicone, and silicone and adhesives aren’t friends.

Covers like these, called  “chaps,” are one answer. Working from whole cloth without a pattern, these took me about four days, three  gallons of sweat, and an aching back.  A couple of extra Velcro pieces may be called for. The chaps will extend the dinghy life and improve our visibility. Gray dinghies tend to get lost from view in the  waves pretty easily. They will also help reduce the number of close calls we’ve had with people nearly hitting the dinghy as they cruise too closely past the end of our slip.

You can see what the sun has done to the seat bag we installed just 30 days ago.

4 responses to “Latest Project

  1. Maybe patent it. It’s a copier.

  2. moondance38

    Nice job!

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