No Good Deed Goes Unblemished

Yesterday we went to Smokin’ on the Bay, a barbeque competition involving more that fifty competitors who appeared to have several tens of thousands of dollars invested in their ability to travel from event to event and cook. We thought our admission fee would do the Deale Elks some good, and we’d get some top shelf barbeque out of the deal.


The competitors’ barbeque isn’t available to even sample until after the competition. Since heavy rain was predicted, we decided we’d just buy some from a couple of vendors. What we had was just OK. But the bands were running 45 minutes behind, and the relative humidity was close to 70%, and before long we decided we’d walk back to the boat and imagine the experience. The rain never came.

But this morning, the solar panel performance seemed to be less than even the filtered sunshine would account for. I didn’t give it much though because the panels were keeping ahead of usage.

Know what a picnic table looks like after a family of six has been cracking steamed blue crabs? Well a seagull was stealing cracked crab remains from the SOTB eating area 100 yds upwind of us and transferring them to our solar panels. When I came back from an errand, I saw the pile of crustacean remains and several hundred flies. It took me the better part of a minute to figure out what I was looking at.

Half of our 36 sq ft of panels were covered with carapace and claw in various stages of rot. I grabbed the hose and dealt with it. Halfway through, the seagull returned and gave me what for. Rather than finish the cleaning job, I left a layer of Windex as a form of repellent, but knowing seagulls…

Sorry, no pictures…or is it thankfully?

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