Bahamian Weather

Yesterday a deep Cold Front blew through with tornadoes in tow. Fortunately, none came near us. Behind the front, the cool, low humidity weather we experienced in the Bahamas last winter filled in.

The air conditioner is off! The hatches and ports are open. Tonight we will need a sheet; in two more we may need a light blanket — whoo-whoo!

Today, I barely broke a sweat working on the outboard (cleaned and rebuilt the carburetor, re-tuned, changed the oil, etc, etc). Quite a change from the rivers of sweat while working on the dinghy chaps.

The sky reminded me of a post card photo taken with a polarized filter, even before I put my polarized glasses on. The heat haze — banished. [The crab dropping Gull too, it seems.]

Even the marina cat, a smallish Silver Tabby, a failed barn cat,  decided she could come out of the office and kibitz the outboard maintenance for a while. She sat in the shade under Janet’s seat.

It won’t last. There will be more hot stuff. But for now…ahhhhhhh

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