Over the Cliff

Base graph from Weatherspark.com*

Usually, Fall arrives on the Chesapeake with a series of fronts and warm-ups and it takes a few weeks to see temperatures consistently below 80° (top arrow). It takes even longer to see dew points drop into the 50° (bottom arrow) range for several days. This year the weather went over a bit of a cliff.

The first serious front has allowed us to shut down the air conditioning, sleep under a light blanket, and me to get projects done without  lathering like a derby winner.

Thus far we have been able to re-waterproof the boat canvas, clean the clear panels in the dodger, work under the cockpit without life support. It looks like I’ll get in the last of the sewing projects done today before the next rain event (tomorrow)…maybe even an engine oil change if I shut the laptop down.

Our pre-departure tempo is increasing as the weather cools, medical appointments get checked off and old lists are updated for last minute shopping/provisioning.

Now, if I could just remember the memorable location of the replacement head vent filter I bought when we got back here in July…was that only 2.5 months ago?

*www.weatherspark.com is more than eye-candy. Give it a look.

2 responses to “Over the Cliff

  1. moondance38

    Great weather for checking off boat projects! Are you heading south again? When are you leaving?

    • Harriet,
      Yep, my back is telling me I’ve been bending over the Sailrite machine today, but you can get so much more done in these temps.

      We are heading south, weather permitting, October 7th. Gilmerton RR Bridge is to be closed through Oct 9th-16th, so there’s no point is sailing in wet stuff just to get there and wait (longer than usual). We hope to cross over to the Abacos from Lake Worth this time ~ 29 November. That gives us a full moon and an 0800 high tide at West End. We want to take the Indian Key Channel onto the Bank this time and early enough we can get to Great Sale by twilight. Then we plan to push through the Abacos to the Exumas. Plan to linger there and then make a slow pass back through Abacos. We hope to be back on the Bay earlier in ’13 than this year so we can make it up to Maine without feeling rushed.

      We’d love to hear about Maine/New England. We plan to be at the Boat Show on Friday, maybe we can connect?


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