Wax On, Wax On, Wax On

The weather continues to be gorgeous, and yesterday was an excellent day to show an old friend and her new (to us) husband our summer stompin’ grounds. Traveling around the country from Idaho by RV, they have a lifestyle similar to ours, and it was interesting to compare notes over a good meal at Boatyard Grill in Eastport and later over really good cheeseburgers next to a fire ring followed by s’mores — both cooked and sushi style* at their campground. It was fun to dig up pleasant memories and to fill in the gaps since we last saw her in Honolulu Airport during a 1996 layover. Wow, time flies. Amazing how we just seemed to pick back up where we last left things.

Even though today bumped 87°, a SWly kept it cool on deck so I dove into waxing the topsides.  With a six inch orbital and a rag, it was slow work but faster than rag alone. I quit 2/3 done when my back said, “if you don’t, I will.”

Janet made my back feel better with a dip of crab, artichoke hearts, mayo, Parmesan, onion, Wye seasoning and Cavendar’s seasoning on Triscuit.

Then we did the big thing. No not that. We started nibbling at the process of provisioning for the trip south. What surprised me is the motor oil (I buy by the gallon) was the same price as this time last year.

*Also known in my teenage camping days as snap, smash and gnash.

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