Fall is Falling

Well it’s not the Halloween snow storm that hit as we were preparing the house for renters last year, but it was nearly as cold and over two days may deliver more moisture.

It was 42°F here as I typed this. Condensation has returned — we can’t stop breathing, and we can’t heat the cabin hot enough to overcome the chilled hull, port frames, deck, and hatches (and that amount of heat would be well beyond comfortable). While some folks ooh and aah when we tell them we live aboard, there are days when it falls short of halcyon…way short.

For other reasons (a late delivery of Shingles Vaccine, etc) we’ve delayed our departure a few days , but we’ll have to move south soon, as there’s much reason to believe this new weather will become the weather in very few weeks or even days.

This will put us on the back side of the post-(boat)show crowd of boats moving south, and we should get some good intelligence about waterway conditions, etc. as we follow them. Still, we would like to stay above 55°F at night and dry while navigating…picky, picky, picky.

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