October Glory*

October Glory: Sunrise on the Pasquotank

So far we have transited the AICW as follows:

  •  Jun ’80, 19 days straight from Satellite Beach, Fl to Washington, DC
  •  Sep ’96, 6 days from New Bern, NC to the Chesapeake
  •  Nov ’08-Jan ’09, from Deale to Fort Pierce, Fl – much land travel home to deal with…stuff
  •  May-Jun ’09 to return – and even more land travel home
  •  Nov ’10-Feb’11, from Deale to Fort Lauderdale (and the Abacos) – almost as many opening bridges between Fort Pierce and Fort Lauderdale as Deale and Fort Pierce. [and a three week break for land travel]
  •  May-Jun ’12, from Fort Pierce Inlet to Deale – offshore passages helped
  •  and now, October ’12 from Deale to we aren’t sure where, when

So far, October, or at least this one, has been the kindest of all these wonderful months. The weather has been beautiful and generally mild.

We anchored for two nights in Pungo Creek (one of our ICW top ten) to wait out a frontal passage that weakened substantially from forecast to actuality – an hour of straight down rain and 20 knot winds were ~5 knots.

We wanted this season to be more relaxed and warmer, so far, so good.

Our stay with Paul and Joyce – inheritors of the tradition of the last innkeepers at the edge of the frontier — was a big part of the relaxed pace.

But life still throws curve balls, and our trip is going on pause as Janet flies to Texas to see her ailing father.

*October Glory is also the name of our favorite Maple tree.

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