Remember Where…is Carmen Sandiego?*

  • There’s a long dead O’possum floating in the next slip over.
  • Large fish jump an hour before sunset splashing startled walkers on the dock.
  • There’s a guy in the mens shower with a macro lens camera taking pictures of a tree frog on the wall. It’s what he said, and I saw the frog…
  • There’s a brown snake swimming along the vertical block-faced embankment remembering when it could crawl out anywhere.
  • There are a half dozen chilled flies on the overhead in the morning (zap-zap-zap-zap-zap-zap, hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee)
  • There is no traffic noise of any kind.
  • There are six channels carrying PBS (two Mexican cooking, two snowy owls, two political Commedia dellArte — otherwise misidentified as debate)
  • The mosquitoes are eligible for the NFL draft

Answer = Anagrammatically “Revised Run” — entirely appropriate since we are paused here for a while.

*Carmen Sandiego

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