This Time It’s, are you ready, Coming SANDY-Away-Go!*

What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Well, we (the star) are in it–although with a modest probability of gale force winds (and we’re in an excellent hurricane hole and pointed into the most likely direction the wind may come from).
  • That yellow band is too close.
  • It’s clobbering the Bahamas, and they aren’t fully recovered from Isabel yet.
  • It stands a good chance of littering already problematic sections of the waterway with unfriendly debris.
  • It doesn’t show the potential wiggle that takes the storm back toward the Chesapeake, pivoting around this area and keeping it stormy for many more hours.

The rain forecast is tending toward many inches. We came through here by car right after Hurricanes Bertha and Fran (stronger than Sandy is predicted to be–and made landfall at Wrightsville Beach and Cape Fear). The people who live here are the ones who need help. The terrain is very flat (once the continental shelf of ancient America). When it floods here it floods wide and takes a long time to runoff.

While no surge forecasts have been issued, the rivers here are wedged shaped. They tend to flood more the farther up them one goes–if the river is pointed into the wind. Pointed the other way it’s the opposite. So no matter which way it blows, someone gets flooded. A lot of rain inland and a lot of wind blowing up the river and things here can be just as bad with a small slow storm as a big fast mover. Given the season, this could be felt here as a N’or’easter — wet and chilly.

It’s all part of this lifestyle. I’ve added dock lines and fenders. I’m going to go fill the water tanks in case they have to quarantine the public system after the storm. At my usage, that should make me good for a few weeks.

*I know…groan. I promise I didn’t plan this when I wrote the last post.

2 responses to “This Time It’s, are you ready, Coming SANDY-Away-Go!*

  1. Chris… hope the storm moves off to the east… stay safe! We had the craziest day I can remember on a sailboat last weekend on a brand new beneteau 54 . Total electrical failure .. resulting in a hair raising return to pirates cove dock under sail!

    • Thanks Charlie. East would be very good. Your crazy day reminds me of the day we demoed our Columbia to the buyers — total diesel consumption (as in rumble, rumble, stop) had to sail back into Shipwright slip down by the pool house — went so smoothly, they joked we had staged it to get them to buy!

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