Sandy Venit

Sandy Cometh.

Spent the morning admiring the problem with other cruisers. Spent mid-day topping off water, tying stuff, bungeeing stuff, stowing stuff, restowing stuff, washing dishes, letting friends know things are OK, restowing stuff, retying stuff, taping over the front of the bow locker so less water goes below. Even put a fender on a lonely little 25 footer no one came to care for. N’ly wind has already pushed the water level up close to a foot.

The marina looks like a small boat show. Boats are in slips, on the fuel dock, the poop dock*, the T-heads. For some reason there is an empty slip next to us but I’m not complaining — a case of less is more. Oops, one just came in. Finally met the boat to port of us. Nice folks; detainees like the rest of us.

First showers have arrived ( this is a biiiiiig system) at 1450. And now they are more insistent, but still showers. Current NWS rain prediction is more than 5″, so worst case could be 7.5″, and that could change as the track prediction changes.

We may lose cell and wifi — both are iffy out here to begin with. I may attempt to blog by texting, since one can text with less than on bar on most cellphones. Then again, I may not.

*No, I did not mean poop deck, the poop dock is where one pumps ones holding tank into the public sewage system, or truck or…

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