Sandy Update 4

Right now the boat is bouncing around like an en-stalled cow that smells smoke. And that’s with no fetch and a wind picture like this>

This data is from Beaufort, NC. Not far from here and about the same exposure. It’s windier at the beach. But basically, the weather we have had today could have just as easily been associated with a garden variety cold front blowing through — except for that plunging barometer.

My consolidation of the wind probabilities looks like this.  Which amounts to a 30-40% chance of tropical storm force winds (34kt), 5-10% for 50Kt and 0% for hurricane force here in River Dunes. Having been exposed to hurricane force winds twice (underway and at anchor) since last June, this is a good picture.

The bulkhead stone work has about 12-15″ left before it is over topped, so the water is already up 2-3 feet. And the storm isn’t here yet.

One happy point is the sewing work we did this summer to further waterproof the cockpit enclosure has worked. The Bimini zippers aren’t even wet much less leaking, and I am very happy we re-waterproofed the canvas.

Now to go deal with Hekl and Jekl, the two flies that got below somehow and seek to drive me nuts.

2 responses to “Sandy Update 4

  1. moondance38

    What did you use to seal the seams between the windows and the canvas? Ours are leaking like mad!

    • We didn’t. We did have them put a double layer of seam tape between canvas and windows when they were made. A guru suggested it. Has worked for 7 years. Our problem was the basic Sunbrella had become a sieve. Applied 303 wetly with a roller on a hot, low humidity day. I blue taped the windows so I could take the 303 right out to the edge, so we may be getting some benefit from that. I’m going to try Thompson’s spray can stuff on some smaller stuff (antenna covers, grill, etc.).
      This is good Stephen King weather.

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